Course Map

Each year the race begins with a “Le Mans” start with participants circling the pond on foot before climbing on their bikes. The course covers the carriage roads of Great Glen combined with single track through North Country woodlands.

See some of the Trail Work we’ve done over the years.

Each lap is approximately 9.1 miles long.

Looking for some tips on how to ride the course. Check out the biking instruction at Great Glen Trails. You’ll get to practice your skills right on the course.

Again this year! Optional floating bridge (which may be open through the night this year) and the over/under bridge!

2015 Course Map updated 8.5.2015 (mile markers set)
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Download/print PDF of course map here

24 hours of great glen, mountain bike race, great glen trails


Brief course description:

The course is fully fenced off during the race and is very easy to follow. Our trails are open to the public and currently marked with signs. They are white diamonds with the 24 logo and a directional arrow.
When you leave the tent the course does not head towards the Great Glen Lodge and climb Blueberry Hill. Instead it goes over a bridge and out towards Great Grumpy Grade in the opposite direction. When you return near the festival area you are turning left at intersection #2 and then towards the Lodge. When you enter the tunnel under Rt 16 stay on your left. Exit towards the Great Glen Lodge and stay left up on the grass and around the top of the tunnel and around towards the paddling shack and Blueberry Hill in the normal direction. On the way back through the tunnel stay left and head back towards the timing tent. Proceed under the over/under bridge and up towards the Caddiddlehopper Cabin to climb Outback and return down the Chutes/Plunge. Drop down Orchard Hill and you’ll have an option to ride the pontoon bridge across the pond saving about a minute or so. Or ride around the pond back to the timing tent.

Course elevation profile:

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2013 elevation2