Trail Work

Many, many course upgrades have been made over the last several years of the 24 Hours of Great Glen by our trail crew; Steve Vosburgh, Dan Dohery and Paul Surette, with help from Kimberly, Ian. During the race you’ll see our Course Monkeys working hard to maintain the course throughout the race; Nate Harvey, Liz, Dan, Ian, Dave and Jake. Be sure to thank them for the hard work!

2015 Course Work

6.26.15 Sages is done!

6.12.15 Sages Update


5.27.15 Sages

2014 Improvements

8.1.14 Twisted Bridge

7.9.14 Drainage on Sages

7.14.14 The top goes on the over under bridge

7.17.14 More drainage and mowing

2013 Improvements
Thanks to Steve Vosburgh, Dan Doherty and Paul Surette who have volunteered many hours significantly improving the course! They’ve mowed uphill, filled in holes with rocks and gravel and re-routed sections. We’ve reversed the direction for most of the course on the campground side of Rt 16, added an over under bridge to account for the crossover and are building an optional pontoon bridge across the pond which may save a minute or two!

CLICK HERE to View 2013 Course Map

Course description: When you leave the tent the course does not head towards the Great Glen Lodge and climb Blueberry Hill. Instead it goes over a bridge and out towards Great Grumpy Grade in the opposite direction. When you return near the festival area you are turning left at intersection #2 and then towards the Lodge. When you enter the tunnel under Rt 16 stay on your left. Exit towards the Great Glen Lodge and stay left up on the grass and around the top of the tunnel and around towards the paddling shack and Blueberry Hill in the normal direction. On the way back through the tunnel stay left and head back towards the timing tent. Proceed under the over/under bridge and up towards the Caddiddlehopper Cabin to climb Outback and return down the Chutes/Plunge. Drop down Orchard Hill and you’ll have an option to ride the pontoon bridge across the pond saving about a minute or so. Or ride around the pond back to the timing tent.

Riders can pre ride the course by following the white diamond signs with 24 hour stickers. Trail passes are $10.


Over/Under bridge at intersection #4


Optional pontoon bridge

More course work photos

For the 2012 season Steve, Paul, Dan and Ian have been hard at it again to continue our course improvements.  Here’s the short list of what’s been going on:
New sidehill turnpiking for the two course pieces as they leave and come back through the picnic area beside the lodge.
New drainage, a realignment and some surface hardening on Sage’s – the single track up on the hill on the east side.
The 2010 turnpiking has been resurfaced.
Some improvements to the Wilding single track.
A new skills park has been incorporated along with a piece of the pump track out by the pond.
New fencing to keep you on track!


In 2010 we accomplished the following:
We’ve filled a number of holes/low spots and cleared out drainages on the loop behind the base lodge and on Wilding. The goal is to ride the full course even if things get soggy. We’ve hit all the major sections, so we’re confident that we’ll have good conditions.