Our categories are based on NORBA, EFTA & USCA Ranking. If you hold a license in any of these sanctioning bodies then you will be recognized as such in our categories. For example, if you race NORBA as an Expert then you will be considered an Expert here. This is not a point race for any of the above listed sanctioning bodies.


24 Hour Divisions

Men’s & Women’s Solo Classes

Participants in this class compete to see how many laps they are able to complete as an individual by age group in a 24-hour period.

Solos will be competing by age categories.

Medals will be awarded three deep in each age/gender group. Overall Male, Female and Overall Solo Single Speed will receive cash awards.

  • Solo Single Speed
  • Solo Male (0 – 39)
  • Solo Male (40 – 49)
  • Solo Male (50+)
  • Solo Female (0 – 39)
  • Solo Female (40 – 49)
  • Solo Female (50+)

2 Person Classes

2 person teams are made up of riders of any ability.

Note: There are NO minimum lap requirements.

  • Men’s Pair Class
  • Women’s Pair Class
  • Co-Ed Pair Class
  • Double Single Class – Single Speed Bikes Only. Any gender combination.

Double Single Class was designed by the folks at the Red Jersey Cyclery.

4 Person Classes (male or female)

Each of the twelve 4-person teams listed below must have four (4) participants of the same gender.

Exception to this rule: Females can participate as a member of a 4-Person Men’s Team. The team will be considered male, (team classifications apply). Men cannot participate on a 4-Person Women’s Team.
Team classification is based on the abilities of the best rider on your team. If your team has three Men’s Sport Riders and one Men’s Expert rider then your entire team will compete in the Men’s Expert Class.

Exception to this rule: Men’s Master Open – any male over the age 45 of any ability can compete in this category. In other words, if your four person Master team has an Experts rider your team does not compete as Expert.

Note: There are NO minimum lap requirements.

Men’s Classes

  • Men Pro Class
  • Men’s Expert Class
  • Men’s Sport Class
  • Men’s Beginner
  • Men’s Master OPEN (45+ all abilities)

Women’s Classes

  • Women’s Pro Class
  • Women’s Expert Class
  • Women’s Sport Class
  • Women’s Beginner Class

5 Person Teams

Co-Ed Open Class

This co-ed team must consist of five riders of any ability (except Pro).

Cruiser Class

For teams wanting a low stress, laid back, fun event, this Cruiser Class must consist of five riders of any ability, be they all male, all female or mixed.

At the conclusion of the race, all Cruiser Class teams will be entered into a drawing where three teams will receive prizes.  The Cruiser Class will not be broken down into sub categories.

All teams are encouraged to show up with the wackiest costumes and camp site themes possible. The wackiest team and the best dressed camp site will be honored at the awards ceremony with a “special” prize.

Each team of four or more is encouraged to provide a volunteer to assist during the event. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

12 Hour Divisions

Men’s & Women’s Solo Classes

Solo Male, Solo Female, Jr. (male & female)

2 Person Classes

Men’s Pair, Women’s Pair, Co-ed Pair

4 Person Classes

Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Co-ed Open

Medals will be awarded three deep to all 12 Hour categories. Awards for the 12-hour division will be held during the awards ceremony on Sunday at 2:30pm.