Granny Gear – Real Time Scoring

Check out all the features. You can view stats like fastest laps, total mileage, and total climbing. During the race you can view split times (by class & overall) for both you and your competitors and then drill-down on the lap times and race order of your nearest competitors. This really comes into play towards the end of the race for the ever-important end-game. Everything you need to know is just a click or two away!

2015 Results

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Thanks to RealTime™ Scoring.


Medals will be awarded three deep in each age/gender group.

Overall Winner (Team) – $TBD*
Men’s Solo – $TBD
Women’s Solo – $TBD
Solo Single Speed – $TBD
Top Pair – $TBD
Men’s 4 Person – $TBD
Women’s 4 Person – $TBD

*Overall Team prize of $TBD includes category prize money.