About RealTime Scoring

Howdy 24 Hours of Great Glen Race Fans,

24 Hours of Great Glen features state-of-the-art timing and scoring using the RealTime™ Scoring System developed by Granny Gear Productions, the company that invented 24-hour racing. Early on, it became obvious that there was too much information to be analyzed quickly enough using any kind of paper system. More importantly, we realized that if teams could have access to this information instantaneously during the event that the race would be much more interesting and exciting for racers and spectators alike. So in 1999, we began the development of a sophisticated electronic timing system using radio frequency IDs (RFIDs), specifically tailored for 24-hour team relay racing.

The RealTime™ system has been time-tested at races with more that 2,000 entrants. It has worked flawlessly in the heat of the Moab desert and the bitter cold of Sunlight Mountain in Colorado. RealTime™ is the gold-standard for timing 24’s and we are honored that the folks at the 24 Hours of Great Glen have chosen to invest in the race by bringing such a valuable tool for you to enjoy.

How will it add to your fun?

Well, here’s a run-down for you:

RealTime™ Scoring Features:

Right after the first laps start logging, you’ll be able to see your lap time and how you are stacking-up against the competition. And, your friends and family will be able to follow your progress from anywhere in the world because we’ll be broadcasting the results to the internet in real-time. When the race is over you will be able to review all your lap times as part of the permanent archive. But it will be during the race that you’ll have the most fun using RealTime™. All of the features listed below will be available throughout the race.

Checking timing

Check out some of the features by reviewing the results from the 2014 24 Hours of Great Glen

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Read team and statistics like:

Click here to go to the 2008 9-Mile StoryBoard ResultsStoryboard™ Graphical Display:

The StoryBoard™ feature displays a graphical view of the race showing all the ups and downs of each team’s placement. Just follow the color-coding that’s established on the first lap. For example in the StoryBoard, you can see how team #324-The Pom Pom Squad (burgundy), starts in 9th place and mixes it up with #363-Pink Steel (tan) and #307-Hangin Tough (olive), works their way up to 4th by bagging a 21st lap.

Split Times:

No more counting minutes in base-60. The computer will calculate the split times between you and your closest competitors. You can toggle between Class Splits and Overall Splits, too.

The real fun of RealTime™ is in the end game. Whether 1st place or 40th place, at this point, you need to know as much about you competition as possible to plan your best strategy and finish with your best possible position. Realtime™ gives you just what you need, when you need it.

Results will begin posting after the completion of the first lap and all of these features will be available. Here’s the link for 2014 24 Hours of Great Glen RealTime™ Results

My staff and I are really excited about being part of the fun at this year’s 24 Hours of Great Glen!

Best wishes for a great race!

Happy Trails,
-Laird Knight
24 Hours of Great Glen Timing Director